‘ Ziaja ‘ brand in Tunisia


Hello Sweeties ❤

A few months ago, I found in fatales this new brand called “Ziaja” that I have ever heard about her and recently settled in Tunisia… I bought a few products that are not expensive at all and based on natural ingredients and the quality really top of the top and since I use them.

Begin with:

  • Natural olive cleansing gel :


It cost 12.400dt, dedicated to normal to dry skin, effectively removing impurities and leaving the skin clean, radiant and fresh and especially protects against dehydration.

  • Goat’s Milk: Milk + Toner :


It cost 10dt , Completely eliminate makeup and cleanse the skin and doesn’t sting the eyes , soothes irritations. Rich in goat milk complex, provitamin B5, vitamin A, and vitamin E.

  • BB cream :


It cost 16dt , there are several shades , my skin is oily and combination with light tone .

BB cream for normal, dry and sensitive skins. Moisturizes, regenerates, smoothes the skin and soothes irritations thanks to theirs ingredients: hyaluronic acid, provitamin B5, vitamin E and Caesalpinia Spinosa (tare, arboricole pod that ensures immediate hydration), UVA and UVB filters and stabilization of Mineral pigments. SPF 15.

  • CC cream :  


It cost 16dt skin tone correcting CC cream for irritated, sensitive and skin with dilated capillaries moisturizes provides protection and regeneration easy to apply a light texture that instantly blends into the skin gives a radiant finish.

Covers, hydrates, corrects, and protects against redness and sunlight of a weak SPF 10.

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Hope you like it ♥

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