Shopping ❤ Sales Haul


Hello Sweeties ❤

We , the Tunisians, we love the foreign products and brands.

I’m not against but I try to be fair as a blogger and especially that we have a lot of Tunisian brands in developing their qualities.

Among these brands, I quote “Hamadi Abid” (HA) that he makes great sales. Personally, I love their jeans; I have cracked three pants that don’t exceed (20dt) each of them and two scarves at (26dt) :

The second brand is called “shoes center”, I took this shoe sport, chic and iridescent. (35dt)


From the shop “VOG”, I took this beautiful jacket that is sport and class to faith. (65dt)

From another shop that I don’t remember his name, I took this vest with stickers to wear for everyday. (55dt)

Finally, I took this beautiful shoe of the brand “Shana”. (20dt)


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Hope you like it ♥

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