My Favorite Things ♥


These are some of my favorite things in this moment , I would like to share them with you by giving my opinion.

∗ Essence pure skin anti-spot moisturizer :


My skin is peak dry after washing my face which is when I use this moisturizer and it completely makes the dry patches disappear and mattify the skin. Here by mattifying I am implying that it does not leave a shiney residue over the skin like most moisturizers, infact it quickly completely absorbs into my skin. It may not be the best moisturizer in terms that, it does reduce the appearance of dry patches and hydrates the skin however it may not eliminate them entirely. So its a great product for oily to combination skins but not too much for dry skin.

I am using it as a primer over my face as well. I like that its light weight and absorbs in to the skin allowing a smooth and clear application of foundation. So far its working great as a foundation base. It helps fight spots on the skin. Do not expect it to work magic and make them disappear in a matter of few applications. Its slow and takes time. It helps control zits from popping up and reduces the visibility of old spots. The results might accelerate if used in combination with other pure skin products.

∗ Crème soin nourrissante Monoprix :


This time my choice was focused on the nourishing care cream of the brand Monoprix because I like the care I have been able to test the brand and that the packaging of this cream attracted me.
Enriched with shea butter and argan oil, it is specific for dry and very dry skin. Good point the packaging that I like, by cons the tube is convenient but in small format necessarily the tube is de rigueur. Despite the fact that it is a cream the texture is not too thick and spreads easily. There for the blow I adore its smell, at the same time I did not take too many risks with the shea butter and the argan oil of which I like both the benefits and the smell. It penetrates fast enough, does not leave oily skin, moisturizes and nourishes really. The skin is soft, slightly fragrant, no more dry patches on the horizon, I’m conquered! A real good buy, I think the next time I would not hesitate to take a larger format.

∗ Gabrini nail polish :


This is my first nail polish Gabrini. I like the nude range, it dries very quickly and the brush is flat , I love the finish

∗ Mebo oitment :


The ointment is composed of natural plant extracts dissolved in a sterile and refined sesame oil base with beeswax as the preservative. MEBO has very limited systemic absorption. Based on clinical studies and extensive clinical use, MEBO has no toxicity or side effects. Care is recommended for people sensitive to sesame and beeswax.
This cream helps clear pimples from skin. It supports the skins immune response to bacteria and cleanses irritated & infected skin. It nourishes & protects the skin, providing rapid healing to acne. This intensive formula is effective for daily skincare, leaving skin moist, clean and smooth.

∗ Rose water :


When treating acne, its best to be as gentle as possible while getting to the root of the problem. Rosewater is anti-septic and anti-inflammatory. It also helps in acting as a toner as it shrinks pore size.

Add this to your usual toner via spray or a few drops.

For me, I apply my apple cider vinegar toner mixture(30-40% acv + 60-70% spring water) on a cotton ball then spray a few times over it with rosewater. Then I gently apply it over my skin, using a few cotton balls for different areas of my face.

This method is gentle, yet extremely effective as a daytime toner. Not only does it keep white heads away, but it helps with redmarks, scarring, enlarged pores and keeps your face ph balanced as well as controlling oil..

This method has clear all my red marks breakouts and is repairing all the years of harsh chemicals i used in the past.

∗ Intensive moisturizing cream Himalaya :


The cream is thick and very moisturizing. The consistency is really thick, just like body butter with soft and creamy texture. The moment you touch it, it feels like an intensive moisture product. With easy application and easy blending, it absorbs quickly with semi-matte finish leaving a film of moisture. The cream is definitely heavily moisturizing on skin with a very pleasant fragrance. This is an ideal product for dry to very dry skin types.

∗ Agatha Raisin remède de cheval :


I really did not know the saga Agatha Raisin before, I had never heard of it! And I must say that I am glad to have finally discovered it. I started with Volume 2, but it’s really not disturbing because the story had nothing to do with Volume 1.

So we have Agatha, who loves “secret” James Lacey. This one indeed seems to realize it and does everything to avoid it. One day, the new village veterinarian, Paul Bladen, is staring at our dear Agatha. But then, he’s going to die when he’s going to do an operation on a horse. However, for Agatha it is not a simple death but a murder. With James Lacey, they are going to launch an investigation to try to solve the mystery. A few days later, Mrs. Joseph dies in her bathroom, but Agatha thinks there is a link with the death of Paul Bladen.

I found that there were a lot of characters, so I tended to lose myself between the different names, to remember who was who and who had done what … It was a bit the bazaar in my head ! Then, what I liked is that they were all a bit wacky, and that I attached a lot to the characters! I needed to read a book that would make me smile! Even if the primary purpose of the book is a police investigation, I found it light, with humor! I think that the lightness of the book was also a flaw, because the investigation was much too simple for my taste! Especially when you know the outcome … I was a little disappointed because I suspected. Actually, I would have liked more suspense, surprises …

Finally, the pen of the author at times did not convince me, I found certain turns of phrases a little wobbly from my point of view.

In the end, it was a reading that changed my ideas, with humor, secondary characters very cute … I really recommend it if you are looking to read a survey without taking a head.

Hope you like it ♥

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