5 Mistakes to avoid for perfect skin


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Makeup helps to accentuate the best in our appearance as well as hide some imperfections but having healthy and clear skin is important to look beautiful.

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid:

1.Choosing the wrong products :

Collection of bottles of health and beauty products

The wrong products can harm our skin so we must choose the right skincare products that should suit our skin type and should be chosen according to our age.

2.Not using sunscreen:


Using sunscreen reduce the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and will help to prevent wrinkles and liver spots. You should choose a face cream with an SPF of 30 or higher in the summer and an SPF of 15 or higher in the winter.

3.Washing the face with water that is too hot or too cold :


Wash your face with slightly warm water that will cleanse your face perfectly and will avoid the appearance of wrinkles.

4.Applying face cream the wrong way :


It’s important to gently massage the cream into your skin following the massage lines. This will make the skin less stretched. Massage lines run from the center to the edges of the face.

5.Eating junk food and not drinking enough water:


To have healthy skin we should eat more vegetables, fresh fruit, and replace sodas with clean water. Eating food that contains B vitamins such asparagus, apples, carrots, and liver into our meals and contains zinc as eggs, seafood, seeds, and nuts.

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