[Let’s talk]: Positive thought to start “New Year”


Hello Sweeties ❤

Soon we will start a new year; there are not lucky people and others unlucky, there are just people who know how to attract luck and others who do everything to keep him away!

It is you who decide what you will receive! Negative or positive waves; Then to live happily, you have to start by changing the way you see things.

Physically speaking, the Law of Attraction operates on the principle that all energy attracts similar energies, which is the negative attracts the negative and the positive attracts the positive.

Know that our subconscious mind is programmed by our thoughts; every thought you have is a form of energy which emits a vibration or signal and which attracts a signal of the same vibratory rate, on the same frequency such a magnet attracts metal!

So if your thoughts remain stuck on the fact that you have not realized a wish or desire, the law of attraction will be consistent with this image of failure and you will never achieve your goals regardless of your efforts.

Here are some ways to change your negative attitude and prepare for success at all levels :

∗ Laugh more :

Laughter helps us become positive by lightening our mood and reminding us not to take life so seriously.

∗ Help others:

Helping others will give you an intangible sense of value that will translate into positivity and people might just appreciate you in the process.

∗ Change your thinking:

If you want to become more positive, change the wording of your thoughts

The next time you have a negative thought, write it down and rephrase it with a positive spin.

For example, change a thought like, “I can’t believe I did so horribly on the test–I suck.” to “I didn’t do as well as I hoped to on this test. But I know I’m capable and I’ll do better next time.” Changing our self-talk is powerful.

∗ Surround yourself with positive people :

Positivity is a step-by-step process when you do it solo, but a positive group of friends can be an escalator.

∗ Wake up early :

There is nothing healthier than waking up early to have the whole day ahead of you to do what you really have to do.


Life is Beautiful; only when you believe it!

You do not need a personal development coach to get there; you are your own coach…

You are the only one responsible for your destiny.

Program your brain and mind to happiness and you will be happy!

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Love you so much

❤ ❤



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