Products to get rid of acne !


Today I will talk about the products I’ve used on my bad period acne … I truly have not the courage to check a dermatologist. By cons, I decided to find out the problem that reached me for the first time in my life all of a sudden … I do a lot of research on this topic: causes and solutions then I realized a care routine for my face. By the way, I have a combination to oily skin.


Among the products that I have used are:

  • Green Soap :


Three times a day, I wash my face with this magnificent Tunisian soap, it dries my oily skin thus decreasing buttons.

  • Exfoliating Daily Wash :


Every morning, after I wash my face with green soap I use this scrub, I massage and I rinse

Really, it deep cleanses, blackheads and impurities are reduced more and more.

  • Sun screen :


I apply my solar screen from Daylong extreme for extremely sensitive skin to the sun as my skin. This milk is easy to spread and nourishes skin thanks to aloe vera and vitamin E .

  • Moisturizer :


I apply my moisturizer from Diadermine as a makeup base. It hydrates the skin and controls shine, it does the job.

  • Fairness cream :


Nothing is worse than acne as their spot, that’s why I use the fairness cream from Himalaya. It helps reduce blemishes and dark spots.

  • Peel-off Mask :


Once a week, I do this peel-off mask; it unclogs pores, peels away blemishes and leaves you with healthy, firm and glowing skin.

  • Keracnyl PP :


To reduce the appearance of inflamed spots, I use this cream from Ducray twice daily on clean skin and dry.

  • SVR Lysalpha cicappel-gel :


It helps me to fade the spots after button; I apply it by massaging on the marked areas.

  • Blemish Gel :


I apply this gel from Demoiselle on the button, it dries quickly.

  • Black seed oil :


I apply Nigella oil every night before sleeping. It prevents oxidation of my skin and visibly reduces acne. I highly recommend.

  • Mineral water mist :


Especially during the summer do not let your skin dry, personally I use this mist, it favors me fresh and hydration.

I suggest you take care of your skin and do routine using products appropriate to the type of your skin.

If you use one of this products ,told me in comment.

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Love you so much ♥


23 thoughts on “Products to get rid of acne !

  1. Its nice to see products that help those with akne, very forthcoming and strong of you to share. I’d really like your feedback on a few of my short stories if you have the time. My blog will intrigue you, check it out @ Gastradamus

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