Some of my favorite beauty products at the moment !♥


Beauty bloggers are obsessed with products, testing, reviewing them and choosing the favorites that they will use again and again!


This is the case today, which I decide to do an article about some of my favorite products for you! I really hope you like it… All details after the jump!

1.) Warm Vanilla Sugar fragrance from bath & body works:

In spite of my true love for my fragrance Lady Million from Paco Rabanne, this does not stop me from that I try this fragrance because I am a fan of the vanilla smell, so this was a happy discovery for me

This perfume has a unique attraction of the fall and winter, as cozy candles, apple cider warms your mood, a sweet indulgence of pure flowers, vanilla absolute and sandalwood.

Really this fragrance is a killer!


2.) Nail polish from elegant :

I love nail polish and especially the dark colors, I apply the same whether in Summer … This varnish is reference 301 and aubergine holding to black, it dries quickly and takes a long time to 2-3 days begins to peel, I recommend strongly!

3.) Essence Liquid ink  eyeliner (waterproof):

The one thing that I look for in a liquid eyeliner is a thin brush so that I can create the perfect cat-eye. This eyeliner has the perfect brush for doing this which is very thin and making application very easy.

This is really a long lasting liquid eyeliner and it dries quick.

4.) I ♥ extreme crazy volume mascara :

You will not use false lashes any more with this famous I love extreme mascara.

It’s cheap, the packaging looks nice, even more volume, deep black, creamy texture covers each individual lash with color and extra-large plastic brush.


5.) Himalaya peel-off mask :

Himalaya Herbals Almond & Cucumber Peel-off Mask was able to minimize my blackheads, put an instant glow on my face and made my skin smooth.

It is purely natural so there are no nasty chemicals in it.


6.) Minion case for my iphone 6s :

I do not need to make a mirror with me to the university, I have many cases but it suits me the most because it is strong, pretty and can help me to adjust my hijab.


7.) Warm Vanilla Sugar body cream lotion from bath & body works:

Three things that all women looking in: sweets, something warm and the smell of vanilla .. so imagine all this in a body milk .. What happiness!

An addictive swirl of creamy vanilla and sparkling sugar-sweet and 24-hour moisture for super soft and radiant skin has never been so seductive! Fragrance.


8.) Lush pink dragonfruit shower gel from from bath & body works:

It has a beautiful sweet aroma of dragonfruit and a hint of floral fragrance.

It really well soaped when I apply it and the smell remains long on the body and I stay all night fruity ^_^ .


I hope you enjoy it guys and if you tested one of this products let me know in the comments below !

little like and follow it gives me great pleasure 😀  Love you! ♥



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