Everyday Look : Style and Makeup Tutorial ♥

Hello guys!

Today, I decide to make you an easy makeup tutorial that you can wear it to go to school or work ..For this, I use a variety of products : essence , Max Factor X , Sephora and Naked.

So let’s gooo :

First of all, i apply my moisturizer from essence then some foundation and camouflage from essence and powder from Max Factor X and using my brush from Naked.


Next step, I took the palette from Sephora, I use a clear golden color and a dark color and a little brown and I blend  blend blend … using my brushs Naked .


Then, i fill my brows with my eyebrow kit from Max Factor X and i comb with old mascara brush to feel some natural.


Moving to mascara from Max Factor X  to pump up the lashes and the eye-liner from essence  (which i forgot to make picture of).


Finally , i use some bronzer and blush from Sephora to lighten my skin and then i am going to finish off with some nude nice lipliner from Max Factor X .


So finally, this is the look :





Products mentioned :

Moisturizer : essence pureskin
Foundation :  Max Factor X face finity all day flawless
Powder: face finity compact
Camouflage :catrice  camouflage cream 025 rosy stand
Eyebrow pencil kit : Max Factor X eyebrow kit
Mascara : Max Factor Voluptuous False Lash Effect Mascara
Bronzer and brush : Sephora palette
Lipliner : Max Factor Color Elixir 14 Brown n Nude

Thank you guys for reading this i hope you enjoyed it ♥

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